Joe Kleinschmidt

CEO and Founder in San Francisco, California

I'm co-founder of Loop, an AI startup based in San Francisco. Loop transforms Zoom meetings into beautiful summaries you can share with your clients and colleagues.

I love growing great teams and creating interesting technology, especially when it involves analyzing data (using approaches like machine learning) and then transforming that analysis into simple, beautiful user experiences that delight.

My product design and technology background is fairly diverse. I co-founded an “agency within an agency” that was dedicated to helping companies better utilize AI, designed conversational interfaces for platforms like Amazon Alexa and Slack, co-founded a company which developed an enterprise collaboration platform used by hundreds of thousands of employees at places like Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce, L'Oreal, and The Home Depot, built robotic control and image-analysis software for scientists, worked on Dreamweaver at Macromedia (prior to its acquisition by Adobe), and designed portfolio visualization tools and expert systems for options traders working on the Chicago Board of Trade.

I'm also very interested in innovations related to social impact. For several years I was on the board of Full Circle Fund where I helped to launch the Founder’s Pledge, an initiative that empowers startup founders to contribute to their community. I also advised two amazing non-profits, the Greenlight Fund and FII.

In my free time you can most often find me hiking, skiing, or hiding out in a cafe in San Francisco with a good book. If you'd like to chat about product design, information architecture, artificial intelligence, social impact, or just want to recommend a good novel, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.